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Land Rover Discovery II Discovery Series 2 year 1999 to 2006

A brand new Land Rover Discovery 2 key fitted / programmed £78

For new casings key blades and repairs click here:

Your key will look like this, look on the back it will have the words "VALEO"

Your door handel looks like this

Make sure your car is a series 2 Land Rover Discovery or commonly known as a Discovery II

You will be sent this key shown above, Made in the UK ultra robust

12 Months written guarantee

Our key works in exactly the same way as the original

We send you the above key with a programmer plug

Find the socket to the left of the foot pedals

Plug the programmer on to this socket, wait approx 30 seconds, key is programmed ready for use


The key will only work if you can start your Discovery, this can be done with the EKA code or a key, even if the remote part of your key is not working as long as the car starts.


The Discovery Remote key will work in exactly the same way as the original, it works the immobiliser, alarm, central locking

The Discovery Remote key will NOT stop any keys you already have from working, it will NOT erase them or change the way they operate

The new key will work as a spare

The new key will work with any keys you already have working

The new key will NOT change the way your alarm or immobiliser works

The new key will NOT repair a faulty immobiliser or faulty door locks / central locking

The key will NOT programme any other keys, the programmer will only programme the keys we supply

If you require 2 keys you will need to purchase 2 programmers each key requires 1 programmer

The EKA code is only supplied when the programmer is returned, the programmer reads the exising EKA code from the car (the EKA code can only be read with the immobiliser switched off by using a working key)

This text will be replaced

Prices -

1 x key - £78.00 (inc VAT & 1st Class recorded postage) * EKA CODE SUPPLIED FREE*

£102 total payable now, £24 deposit required for the programmer, send the programmer back in the return bag we supply and we will return the £24, you pay £78* in total *(depending on the postage required, special insured next delivery available)*

EKA code supplied on return of the programmer

The metal key blade can be cut at any good high street or market key cutter by copying your existing key. We can cut a key by code if you have this code from your vehicle's security card documents, (not the log book or chassis number) we always advise copying from your existing key, this will assure you get a good fitting key, all parts of our keys are made in the UK.

Our keys are hand manufactured in Warwickshire UK to a very high standard, they are not cheap imports.

IN STOCK (new stock in later this week)

Remember you MUST be able to start your car before you place an order.

Important Notes

  2. You will have a full 12 Month written Guarantee and a VAT receipt
  3. You will get a help line phone number and email for customer support
  4. You can pay online with any credit/debit card or Paypal (when paying with card you MUST provide the cardholders address, we can send to an alternative address if required, the item will require a signature) our payment system is 100% secure guaranteed
  5. The alarm immobiliser must be the original Land Rover factory fitted system
  6. We are not able to supply a new keyfob by copying the existing one.
  7. Check the frequently asked questions
  8. See our terms and conditions Terms & Conditions and Delivery times


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All of these common phrases can be used to describe a Land Rover remote key fob.