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Land Rover EKA Code (emergency key access) code

This code is only used in emergencies to start your car when your remote is lost or fails to work (get a spare key fob)

Lucas Key Fob

This applies to vehicles using the Lucas key fob (as shown on the right) and can also apply to some Rover cars.

EKA is NOT fitted on

CIty Rover, Rover 100, Rover Mini, Rover Metro, Rover 600, MG SV, Rover 75 you cannot enter an EKA code on these vehicles

The Land Rover Defender procedure is different (we supply these instructons with our key fobs)

Emergency Key Access Code

If your code is lost, Remote Key Ltd. can extract the code for you, but we will need your either your vehicle or alarm ECU. You can also see your local Land Rover dealer who should be able to obtain the EKA code from the Land Rover database. You may need the vehicle registration document V5 and some dealers will ask for proof of ownership. Land Rover dealers will also make a charge.

When entering the code, please follow the steps below. The procedure has to be followed exactly as shown below or as described in your handbook or it will not work.

After 3 failed attempts the system will not let you attempt this procedure again for 10 minutes (30 minutes for Land Rover).

  1. Using the ignition key insert it into the drivers door lock.
  2. Turn the key clockwise to the locking position (the doors will lock) and hold it in this position for at least 5 seconds.
  3. After 5 seconds slowly return the key to a central upright position.
  4. The first digit - Turn the key fully, as far as it can go, anticlockwise to the unlock position (the doors will unlock) then back to the central upright position. This should be done the amount of times as the first digit on your security card.
  5. The second digit - Turn the key fully, as far as it can go, clockwise to the lock position then back to the central, upright position. This should be done the amount of times as the second digit on your security card.
  6. The third digit - Turn the key anticlockwise to the unlock position again, the number of times shown on the security card
  7. The fourth digit - Turn the key clockwise to the lock position again, the number of times shown on the security card.
  8. Once this has been completed turn the key to the unlock position once.

If the code has been entered correctly, open the door and the red flashing LED light on the dashboard will stop. You will now be able to start the vehicle.

Problems ?

When turning the key in the lock it must be done with precision and slowly. On some worn locks, you may have to turn the key slightly past the central upright position. If you listen closely you should be able to hear the switches clicking inside the lock.

According to Land Rover the immobiliser will stay off once this procedure is completed. It should only work again by using a key fob but we have found that this is not always the case. We have come across many vehicles which have become immobilised again after a period of time after using the EKA code, or when the vehicles battery is disconnected or run flat. Do not rely on this system for long periods, get a new key fob.


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