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Renault Clio immobiliser bypass 1994-1998 (approx)

We cannot provide keys for this Renault Clio but we can bypass the factory fitted immobiliser

You will have this key

On this Renault Clio we need the immobiliser box as shown below

Renault Clio earler dashboard

We need this control box (shown below)

Renault Clio immobiliser box

Just Pull, the box is only held up with sticky pads

Renault Clio immobiliser box, send this box to us

Send the Control box to the address shown below (it makes our job easier if you can send the key)

Bypassing your Renault immobiliser will not affect any other part of your Renault Clio, it will only rectify your immobiliser problems

Prices - Royal Mail Special Delivery, ALL SENT ITEMS REQUIRE A SIGNATURE

1 Renault Clio Immobilser bypass 1994 - 1998 - £106.80 (inc VAT & postage) In stock

Payment options


Important Notes

  2. You will have a full 12 Month written Guarantee and a VAT receipt
  3. You will get a help line phone number and email for full customer support
  4. You can pay online with any credit/debit card or Paypal our payment system is 100% secure guaranteed
  5. When sending the ECU control box include a return address and a daytime phone number.
  6. Alternatively, send a postal order with your ECU for the amount shown above.
  7. We will only return ECU's by insured postage.
  8. Cheques will NOT be accepted.
  9. Please send all ECU's to: Remote Key Ltd 3 Nea Close Highcliffe Christchurch BH23 4QQ
  10. The ECU must be the original Renault factory fitted system.
  11. Check the frequently asked questions
  12. See our terms and conditions Terms & Conditions and Delivery times

Renault Clio remote key fobs are sometimes reffered to as Renault Clio plips, Renault Clio zappers, remotes, remote plips, immobiliser repair, immobiliser, key, replacement key or remote zappers.
All of these common phrases can be used to describe a Renault Clio remote key fob.

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