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Rover 45 Key Fob FAQ

Vehicles fitted with the Lucas 3TXA, Lucas 3TXB, Lucas 17TN remote key fob (this number is on the back of the key fob).

Rover 45 Key fob Diagram of the Rover 45 key fob and immobiliser system

Rover 45

Rover or Honda petrol engines, Peugeot or Rover Diesel engines.

Has your key fob stopped working?

If your key fob has just stopped working try this:

  1. Unlock your vehicle with the key in the drivers door lock, do not open the door.
  2. Press the right hand button lock button (the button with the padlock symbol or the dimpled button) on the key fob 4 to 8 times.

If the above fails try this:

  1. Open the key fob
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Press any button 10 ten times, and the same with the other button
  4. Refit the battery or a new battery
  5. Unlock the vehicle with the key in the drivers door lock, do not open the door
  6. Press the right hand button lock button (the button with the padlock symbol or the dimpled button) on the key fob 4 to 8 times

The Rover 45 Immobiliser system is very reliable, the ECU control rarely fails, if your vehicle will not start it is probably due to the remote key fob. You may have to perform the above sequence if your vehicles battery has gone flat or it is disconnected. If all the above fails you have the EKA code.

The Rover 45 remote key fob uses a rolling code system. When you press the key fob, the code changes every time, and the alarm box in your vehicle also changes its code to match with the key fob. This is a great antitheft system but sometimes the key fob and alarm box codes do not match and the system will not operate.

The most common cause for this is pressing the buttons on the key fob away from the vehicle, the key fob code moves on but the alarm box on the vehicle does not, so the two codes do not match. The key fobs and the ECU control box receiver on your vehicle have a clock, this clock also moves the code even if the key fob is not used.


Inside view of an Rover 45 key fob

The image on the right is the inside of the key fob, the most common problem when the key fob fails is the component circled. Very carefully check to see if the 2 wire legs are attached to the component and the circuit board.

Programming Lucas Key Fobs

When programming new key fobs, all key fobs are automatically erased from the ECU control box fitted to the vehicle. This is done because if you have lost a key fob or had a key fob stolen, the lost or stolen key fob will no longer work on your vehicle. At the time of programming all key fobs you need to work with the vehicle must be programmed.

The Rover 45 immobiliser system can have up to 4 key fobs programmed.

At Remote key Ltd if a new alarm ECU control box or a new engine management ECU control box is required, they will need programming together before your vehicle will start. At Remote key Ltd we can carry out all the programming required, all this can be done on or off the vehicle.

Range/Distance Problems

Does you key fob not operate very far from your vehicle?

This can be caused by many factors. As we use more wireless electronic products, the radio waves interfere with each other and this is the most common problem when your remote key fob loses its range from your vehicle.

Your Rover 45 relies on the remote key fob to start, get a spare. The remote key fobs get a hard life, they get dropped, damp, wet, hot, cold, we sit on them, when the remote will not operate, the problem will probably be the remote key fob.

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All of these common phrases can be used to describe a Rover 45 remote key fob.