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Key Fob FAQ


Since 1995 the law in the UK stated all new private vehicles sold will be fitted with an immobiliser system, this was introduced earlier by some manufactures and was also introduced on commercial vehicles later.

At Remote Key Ltd we only replace and repair the manufactures original fitted equipment immobiliser and alarm systems.

The immobiliser is a system for preventing the vehicle from being started without the correct key.

The only way to steal modern vehicles is by obtaining the keys, PUT YOUR KEYS AWAY IN A SAFE PLACE

The immobiliser usually works with an alarm system but the two are separate systems, 50% of modern vehicles do NOT have an alarm system, just the immobiliser.

"My car won't start, is it the immobiliser?". This is the most common question we get asked, the immobilisers on modern vehicles are usually very reliable, the reason for the vehicle not starting is due to a problem other than the immobiliser, start with the basics check the vehicles battery by turning on your lights, then check all the fuses.

Very often at Remote key Ltd we get asked "I have lost my keys. Is there any easy way to override my immobiliser system?". The simple answer is NO. There would be no point in having an immobiliser if it was easy to disable, even if we do know we would not tell anyone.

Each manufacture uses their own systems so each system works in a different way, some can be overridden by a pin code, most new systems are built into the vehicle and cannot be removed.

"I have purchased a key or remote key fob from the internet, the seller sent some instructions but it does not work?" At Remote key Ltd we spend £1000s on equipment to programme keys and remote key fobs. If you purchase second hand keys and remote key fobs, some may work, many do not.

At Remote Key Ltd we only sell and fit the keys and remote key fobs listed on the web site. If it is not listed then we do not sell them.

We aim to be much cheaper than the dealer. If we do not list the item you require it is probably because we cannot get it any cheaper than you can from the dealership.

We CAN copy keys and some transponder chipped keys.

We CANNOT copy your existing remote key fob. Each key fob must have a different code for the system to work.

All modern key fobs have an anti copying system for extra security. We CANNOT supply a new remote key fob by copying your old one.

We only repair and replace the original manufactures fitted parts.

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Range/Distance Problems

Does you key fob not operate very far from your vehicle?

This can be caused by many factors. As we use more wireless electronic products, the radio waves interfere with each other and this is the most common problem when your remote key fob loses its range from your vehicle.

Known problems are also poorly fitted receivers on the very early Rovers 1993 -1995 and Land Rover Discovery 1995. It is common to be right next to your vehicle before the remote key fob will work.

Range Rover P38 has major problems with early receivers, new ones are only available from Land Rover

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Export/Import Vehicles

Vehicles exported and imported, depending on which country they come from work, on different frequencies.

224.5mhz 315mhz 418mhz 433.9mhz

FRANCE pre 1995 now 433mhz Europe

REST OF THE WORLD including ITALY, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, US, CANADA UK-IRELAND Now changed to Europe 433.9mhz after 1995 EUROPE (not Italy)

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Remote Key Ltd will only supply in the UK

We CANNOT copy your existing key fob. Each key fob must have a different code for the system to work.

All key fobs have an anti copying system for extra security. We CANNOT supply a new key fob by copying your old one.

We do not supply insurance certificates for immobiliser systems.

Remember !!look after your keys and get a spare set!!

take a look at for more info on vehicle security and vehicle theft from the Government.

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