The Renault immobiliser sytem will NEVER stop the vehicle once it has been started. If your Renault has stopped while the engine was running the problem is NOT the immobiliser.

The immobiliser will only prevent the car from initially starting.

The Renault Immobiliser system is very complex. It is not just a case of changing a couple of wires and the immobiliser is overridden.

In order for us to carry out any work we will either need to see the immobiliser control box, or the key number. All Renault vehicles have different systems. The control boxes may vary slightly between vehicles and models. With the immobiliser control box removed your car will not work. When we have finished the procedure you will be able to just plug it back in and the car will start.

It is a great help to us if you can send the original remote key fob with the control box. If you have a remote key fob that is still operational, it will still work when we return your control box. If this key fob then stopped working, your immobiliser would still be deactivated.

Please do not send us any control boxes that have been tampered with.

The Megane and Scenic control box is known to suffer from water contamination. If this is the case a replacement box is required. WE CANNOT REPAIR WATER DAMANGED CONTROL BOXES / ECU’S. But we CAN clone the information from the damanged box to a new box.

All of the work we carry out carries a 12 month guarantee.

We recommend that when you send your ECU to us, you use special delivery as each control box is unique and cannot be swapped with one from another vehicle.

We always try to complete work with 24hrs, however sometimes it may take up to 48hrs.

How to open a Renault key

How to Read the “E” number inside a Renault key


The Renault immobiliser bypass (pin entry plug) will bypass the immobiliser on your Renault by just plugging it in. It will bypass the immobilser even if your key has stopped working. The bypass will NOT repair your key, the car / van will start on any key that will fit the locks / ignition. The bypass will NOT repair the central locking, the bypass will not stop the central locking from working.

The plug is programmed with your key number or emergency start number. It is very important to get this number correct. It will only start the vehicle with the correct number, if you get the number wrong the plug will flash a fault on its led light. This will cause NO damage to your vehicle. The device can be easily re-programmed with a new number, you will NOT have to pay for a new one.

The bypass:-

Will let you start your vehicle with any plain key (which fits the locks and ignition)
Can be left in place for the rest of the life of the vehicle.
It can be removed and your vehicle will resort back to the factory immobiliser. You still have an immobiliser fitted so it will not affect your insurance (Renault say this bypass is impossible) we do not recommend removing the device too often.
It only works when the ignition is turned on. It does not take any power from your car when the ignition is turned off.
When the ignition is turned off the factory immobiliser will flash the red LED light on the dashboard so it still looks as if you have a working immobiliser.
The red LED light on the dashboard will flash differently to normal; this does not cause any problems

Once the vehicle is started the plug can be removed and the vehicle will continue running until the ignition is turned off. This can be useful for diagnostic use.
Will not affect any other part of your vehicle, it does not change any settings.
Over 1000 sold
Full money back guarantee.